builders rush finishing custom home

The Builder’s Rush to Finish a Parade of Homes Entry

Lee Michael Homes in the Spring 2017 Parade of Homes

Every year it always seems to happen… it’s the rush to meet the deadline to finish our custom home for the Parade of Homes here in New Mexico. The deadline always seems to come before we know it, and right now we are in the middle of it, pushing to get it all done with all of us operating on a pure builder’s adrenaline rush.

As we get to this custom home’s finish line, the builder’s rush is coming from mostly all of those who work in the finish trades. Like an orchestrated symphony, those working and “performing” together in this particular Lee Michael custom home include:

  • Granite & quartz counter tops installers fabricating tops for the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Cabinet finishers working on crown molding, door hardware and cabinet pulls.
  • Plumbers installing and grouting sinks, toilets and faucets.
  • Electricians hooking up the light fixtures and fans.
  • Final carpeting and tile going down by flooring crew.
  • Kitchen appliances are, hopefully, on the delivery truck and on their way.
  • And the final inspectors are scheduled to come any day!
  • Outdoors, the landscapers are working with flagstone pavers and planting zero-scaping, low water-tolerant plants to fit in with the solar-friendly Albuquerque landscape and New Mexico design.
  • Finalizing all the “Green” integrated building products to ensure it is better insulated, solar prepped, and is all about energy and water resource efficiency, which is what all of our homes offer.

We are not alone either. All of the custom home builders understand that it is that time of year when all of us, who are participating in the 2017 Parade of Homes, are in a typical frenzy to put their best homes out there and perfecting them all for the public and home buyers to walk through and enjoy.

Why Is It That We Do It: Custom Building Homes

Do we do it because we want to get all those special touches on the home so perfect?… Is it the thrill of getting it done by the deadline?… Is it creating a home that we are proud to put our stamp on?… Is it to show off some new style ideas we have and to present new and innovative products?… Is it anticipating the crowds of people that will walk through our home and see what we have to offer, and want to have a home like that?… Or is it just the pure satisfaction in the challenge of designing and building a home that we know a family will enjoy and have many memorable moments and memories in?! We think it is all of that and more!

This year, we are excited to be presenting our Albuquerque Homes of Enchantment, 2017 Parade of Homes entry located at 201 Las Colinas Lane NE, showcasing a courtyard concept home, offering a perfect home office and/or in-law-quarters design. Studded with many warm contemporary features and details, this custom home, as well as other homes that Lee Michael Homes can build in this Las Colinas neighborhood, are on 1/3 acre lots with a rural North Valley feel and plenty of elbow room.

The Albuquerque Homes of Enchantment Parade of Homes starts Friday, April 28, 2017, from 11-5 and goes for 2 weekends. We hope to see you there.