Use this check list to help in the important decision process of finding just the right home builder or building contractor!

Ask these questions and use this check list when deciding to use Lee Michael Homes as your custom home builders in Albuquerque or any other builder and to compare builders. Let this information help in the important decision process of finding just the right home builder or building contractor.
Is the Builder/Contractor licensed in the State of New Mexico (GB98 license)? Get copies of all certificates of insurance and licenses.
How long has the Builder/Contractor been in business? Check with the Construction Industries Division (505-827-7030), and with the Better Business Bureau (1-800-873-2224) for any complaints filed.
Is the Builder/Contractor familiar with New Mexico building codes? An out-of-state Builder may not be familiar with local codes which could delay project and end product.
What is the Builder/Contractor’s experience in residential construction (as opposed to commercial)? Residential building is substantially different from commercial.
What is the time level of construction from start to finish? Have this written into the contract.
What kind of service can you expect after the sale? Ask for references from homeowners and previous clients.
What does the Builder/Contractor’s warranty program look like? Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in writing.
What are the standard amenities included in pricing? In shopping quality and value between builder, you must compare apples to apples. The cheaper price does not necessarily mean the best value.
Does the Builder/Contractor use state-of-the-art energy features? Equipment, insulation, design, and landscaping can all affect a home’s energy efficiency.
Interview the Builder/Contractor personally. The rapport between homeowner and builder is very important in working together before, during, and after construction.
Make sure all items are priced, and that plans and specifications are clearly identified and available to you. Make sure everything is in writing and signed by all parties.
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