Lee Michael Homes age-in-place designs

“Aging in Place” , “Universal Design” and “ADA Compliant” all share the same needs and meanings.  They all offer a level of freedom in living in your home comfortably regardless of your circumstances, and physical challenges.

Lee Michael Homes is very experienced in Universal Design and Age-in-Place options for new construction and sensible modifications for homes and buildings already built.  Quality of life is the key, offering you convenient design and products that make your life more comfortable without having to leave your current home environment.

Modifying your home is a fraction of the cost of assisted living, which could run you from $2,500 to over $6,000 per month in many areas for just a room.  In most cases, you may not even realize what can be done with your existing home, and that is where we come in with careful planning and design to work with what you already have, but to just make it more “Universal”.  Beauty does not have to be compromised for functionality.

Some typical kitchen modifications include:

–          Replacing out cabinets for varying heights or accessibility

–          Replacing knobs and plumbing fixtures for ease of use

–          Opening up the area to allow for wheelchair access

–          Dishwasher drawers and lower height microwaves

–          To name a few…

Some typical bathroom modifications include:

–          Replacing standard toilets to comfort height ones

–          Adding grab bars to tub, shower, etc.

–          Adding a bench in shower and widening

–          Removing barriers in front of tubs or stoops at showers

–          Install comfort height cabinetry and easy to use handles

–          Increase lighting areas to help with decreased vision

–          Widen doorways and toilet access

–          Add natural light for better vision

–          Replacing plumbing fixtures with slide bars and hand showers

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