Amid the challenges we have all been facing in these uncertain times due to Covid-19, we were able to work safely and efficiently around delays and adjustments and still managed to finish this custom home project in time to meet the homeowner’s deadline to move in. Finishing this beautiful project also allowed us to showcase this custom-built home in the 2020 Parade of Homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico.




With the situation so different this year, we feel especially honored to have been awarded with not just one, but two of the highest awards available. One top honor was the Premier Home Award and the other for Best Kitchen, both for the $1+ million home category.

What is Parade of Homes in New Mexico:
Put on by the Home Builders of Central New Mexico, the Parade of Homes is designed to be a showcase of newly built homes that include current designs and home product trends while capturing the best that local home builders have to offer in New Mexico.

Lee Michael Homes Showcase for 2020 Spring & Fall Parade of Homes:
A collective decision was made, based on consideration for safety for all during Covid-19, to produce a wonderful virtual tour and beautiful narrated video for online viewing for the general public. Additional info about this particular custom home can also be seen here: The Anatomy of a Parade House

Award Judging for 2020 Home Entries:
Award judging for Parade of Homes was done differently this year too. Judging was done by our builder peers using the virtual home tours to view them, and with Zoom meetings to discuss the voting. One judge stated, “It was indeed different than in past years, but we still managed to get a feel for the quality and detail of the homes built without actually walking through them.”

A Little History behind the Parade of Homes & Lee Michael Homes:
We have participated in the Homes of Enchantment – Parade of Homes since it started almost thirty years ago. Originally it began with only a dozen homes on one street block, and was called “Street of Dreams”.

The styles and designs of homes, as well as the format of the Parade, have changed quite a bit over the years. Styles have gone in and out of fashion, and square footages of homes have gone up and down as well, based on the changes of the homeowner’s needs and different lifestyles.

We, at Lee Michael Homes, have evolved with these changing times, working on inventing new and creative home designs to go with new needs. We spend a lot of time finding ways of creating a unique and personal style for each and every home, and never take the approach of “one size fits all”. This is shown in our 2020 Parade of Homes entry, with the special bold colors seen in the selected granites, stone and tile, and the carefully designed floor plan to offer a very warm, inviting and comfortable home for the homeowner. We spent many hours on every detail in the home, from the kitchen, to each bathroom, to the various outdoor spaces, and the relationships of the rooms together, as we do for every home we design and build. Each of our homes is a collaboration of the homeowner’s ideas, our various trade contractors’ and suppliers’ participation and our own thoughts and years of experience.

Find and see more details about how this particular custom home was built and took shape, the new and innovative details and design elements, in our article about The Anatomy of a Parade of Home in New Mexico